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Australian 'theme nights' for Hotels and Restaurants

In today’s Global Village, Australia remains one of the fascinating Last Frontiers, shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Let our special team, who live and breathe this essence of a true Australia, bring to your establishment the tastes of wild foods combined with sacred traditional dances and the spirit of an ancient culture still alive and thriving.

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cooking at the Fine Food Melbourne



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Dance performance

Wiruunga performing
in Bremen/Germany


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Show cooking

..with Hugh Longstuff


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What's cooking?

Hugh Longstaff of the Wild Foods Team, recently completed a stint as guest chef on the luxury cruise liner "Silver Wind" operated by SilverSeas Cruise Lines out of Fort Lauderdale in the US. On this cruise we presented the Native Australian Foods to the sophisticated palates of the Venetian Club, the world-renowned food society. We are proud to report that our native foods and cuisine received standing ovations. The general consensus was that they hold their head high beside the best international culinary cuisine.

This is evidenced by their swift integration into Asia and Europe by companies such as Singapore Airlines, Arcona Hotels & Cruise Group and other fine-dining restaurants.

We offer your patrons and friends the opportunity to discover the strength, beauty, sacredness and wild, deep flavours of a land born from The Dreamtime.

Together with your chefs, we will design an exotic, innovative and perfectly prepared 3- to 6-course menu, highlighting sumptuous Australian native meats, sea foods, spices and fruits … introducing new taste sensations to inquisitive palates.

And your kitchens won’t even have to find the ingredients, we can supply the native spices , fruits, meats and seafood, all at very low promotional prices. Matching each course will be a selection of the very best Australian boutique wines. Also we offer your guests information and explanations about Australia's indigenous culture.

And while your diners wait for the next taste sensation to appear, traditionally painted indigenous dancers will weave their way between the tables, dancing to the tribal sound of the didgeridoo and clap sticks.

Your guests will leave with the essence of Australia in their hearts & minds.